VERY BERRY THERAPY - Moving 2 change lives 1 step at a time

"Randi's an angel"
Gary & Arlene

"My PT thought of things I didn't even know I'd need to do.....because of her help in getting me stronger, I was able to climb up three flights of stairs when the electricity went out and I'm 97 years old-Thanks VERY BERRY THERAPY you're fantastic".

"I love the individual attention I get-I'm not just doing the same exercises-every time it's something new.  I love the variety it's much better than the other therapists I've had".

"After surgery I realized I had lost core strength. Through the water exercises at VERY BERRY THERAPY I have regained  that strength.   THANKS Randi!"

 "WOW- who would have thought that working out in the water would be so much fun?  VERY BERRY THERAPY has provided a great workout without increasing my back pain"
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